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"I will get the Elu mage. We will make a surprise attack from behind the dimensional crack. If Elu mages sense psychic energy in the same way as us…, it will be extremely difficult to sense us there. The light coming from the dimensional crack messes up one's senses. Additionally, they will not be able to see well due to the blinding rainbow colored lights shining out from the ground."


They were armed with heavy weapons that exploded out flames. They opened fire and each attack made a huge hole in the ground. In the midst of the bombardment was a single Elu who had summoned a psychic shield.


"They have sixteen airbeats. Excluding Kuro, if everyone utilizes two, that leaves ten. There's no way that Kuro would be capable of controlling all those by himself."


There was nothing more important than understanding the enemy's powers and skills in battle. As long as they fully understood their enemy, they wouldn't meet failure.


Grunts squealed like pigs and showed off green skin. They were usually stationed on the front lines, like shock troops amongst the minions.

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'This is concerning. This isn't a good place for us.' Schwartz looked to Han. Han's mental state wasn't good for everyone right now. He's withstanding with the squad well right now, but after everything was over this place would probably become a very traumatic memory.


Canute quickly reconfirmed the battle plan and opened the air vent cover. He placed his foot into the vent, ducked down, and crawled. The gun on his hips shook and clattered.


'It's good that he doesn't easily give up, but it's also a weakness to not know how. Though this is a contradiction, it's a skill the kiddo must learn.'


They somehow managed to follow the researchers into the patient ward while bearing with their dizziness. All of the students got onto their beds while seeming to be struggling with a high fever. It would take another two days to regain proper alertness.


Han checked the status of the training ground and lead his squad in. Other than the required training drills and lectures, it was up to the squad leader to cater training drills for his squad members. Each squad leader would make a training schedule and report it with the drill instructors, who would then assign the squads to the appropriate training grounds.


This wasn't the exact order of the battle plan, but at the same time it was. Canute opened fire with the enemy forces to distract them.


Minion is the generic name for the basic mob soldiers that are controlled by the dragon race. They heed the dragons' commands.



Dmitri couldn't hear what he had said because he had lost consciousness. Han's broken arm hung lifelessly. However, the winner had been Han.



The True Group's attack killed many students of Ark. Nobody was allowed a day of grievance and was expected to swiftly return to work because they couldn't waste a second longer. It wouldn't be too late to pay tribute to the deceased after the end of the war.


Blood flowed from beneath Silence's helmet. He had used his psychic powers too much, causing his nose to bleed. His head felt like it was being crushed by a sharp force.


He had also read about the formation of squad 13 through his data bracelet as well. Jose, who had quick wit, connected that this was directly related to his transfer into the second year.

  • "Don't feel too disappointed in yourself. You managed to crack one of Sergeant Red's ribs after all. Plus, you're still young. Red's a veteran who has been through all sorts of hardships."
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