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Han said while trying to catch his breath. During that moment, squad 13 had infiltrated into squad 6's command center and managed to steal their opponent's flag.


They would be choosing a select few first years to transfer up into second year. Most of the students would be from class A and the rare student from class B would be transferred up as well.


The inspectors independently used their own devices to read the data. The data that Ark would provide them would only be the tip of the iceberg. The executives of Ark frowned and retrieved their data bracelets.


In order for students to apply effective war strategies, it had many complicated roads and shelters scattered all throughout the grounds. On opposite sides of the battlegrounds stood a single flag pole.


The inside of the defense shelter was shaped like a maze. The inside of the shelter was sealed and dark. The soldiers turned on the nightvision of their helmets.


A wild rumor had spread all over campus that Karl's gang had been done in by Han and Kuro. Karlheinz's reputation within class B had fallen to rock bottom.

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Han only had a few steps remaining now. He had used most of his strength crossing a mere fifty meters. Now he was moving forward on sheer will power. He took out a numbing ampule from his waist pocket. He just had to shoot this into the Elu mage's body.


The cameras attached to the tree branches moved. The cameras followed the squad members' every actions. The current competition was being broadcasted for everyone to see.


Dmitri couldn't hear what he had said because he had lost consciousness. Han's broken arm hung lifelessly. However, the winner had been Han.


It was common place to find superiors randomly killed while in battle. It didn't matter how many subordinates one obtained through an institution, only strong commanders could obtain the trust and obedience of their subordinates.


Karlheinz turned around and said. His eyes had shaken slightly that moment. Following the survival drill, he had subconsciously become afraid of Han.


'I can't be influenced before the battle. We simulated this many times, there is no way for us to lose.'


The children befriended one another quickly. They were children, so their discrimination against other countries and race had not developed as much.



Just as breathing and walking is natural to humans, using psychic powers felt natural. The first generation of the acquired psykers trained for ten years to get to the level the inborn psykers had become in a mere one or two years.



The assault pod's door opened. Steam puffed out in giant clouds. A person clad in an iron suit stepped out of the boiling pod. The red suit had scars all over from the long-term use. Time had done its worst to beat up the suit through all the wars.


Han observed Laocha's eyes and behavior. He mentally thought back from the beginning of the first day, to when he met Laocha just now.


Laocha's enthusiasm seemed to burn fervently. One could feel the aura of the strong from the man. There was a difference between those who were self-proclaimed strong and those who were actually strong.

  • It felt like he was able to grab onto a little sliver of something. If he snapped out of his moment, it would be hard to grasp onto this same feeling once again.
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